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Give your child the gift of confidence
The real power of martial arts does not come from its techniques. It comes from the life lessons you learn on the mat. Values such as respect and confidence learned on the mat seep into every aspect of life. You’ll see amazing changes in your child’s behavior after they start jiu jitsu because of the sense of responsibility and empowerment being able to defend yourself brings. Our classes teach these lessons to your child in a fun and engaging environment. Our instructors weave these lessons into each class using games and exercises that teach both self defense technique and life skills. 

Based on leverage and technique rather than strength, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an ideal sport for young children. It teaches valuable motor skills and coordination, and techniques are adapted to make learning fun and safe. if your child is older than four, we would love to meet them and help them on their first steps through life.


One of the best things about BJJ is that it’s built for everybody. Your age, gender, and athleticism don’t matter at all. You’ll be learning the most effective martial art for self defense. More than that though, you get to learn it in a fun, safe environment taught by some of the best instructors in the world. Jiu jitsu is based around using leverage and technique to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent. We teach Fundamentals in our classes that are geared towards teaching you the basic moves that will allow you to protect yourself. You’ll learn the four major positions of jiu jitsu, as well as effective techniques from each. The Fundamentals will also get you in shape, so when you train live you’ll be ready. Once you have the basics down, the Intermediate skills will help take your game to the next level. Here you’ll begin to focus on more difficult techniques and learn how to chain moves together to create a more effective jiu jitsu game. The competitors at Rilion Gracie Academy work as a team, pushing one another to be stronger and more technical, with the medals to prove their hard work.

No matter your goals, Rilion Gracie Galveston is the right place to train for people of all ages and experience levels to learn and better yourself. Competitors, athletes, and

hobbyists are at home here.

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Violence Prevention

Although small, there is always a chance a physical altercation may occur in your life. this is what Jiu Jitsu is designed for. However, before the need to physically defend yourself, having the confidence that you know you can will likely prevent a violent scenario from ever occurring. BJJ won’t just teach you how to defend yourself if you’re attacked, it will teach you to de-escalate a situation so you never even need to engage physically.


Self defense isn’t just about punches and kicks. It’s about the ability to stand up for yourself while preventing the need to over throw one. Our kids programs focus on giving your child the confidence to take a stand against bullying by giving them the tools they need to control a tense situation.

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